Sunday, 23 February 2014



Hope you're all enjoying your weekend. Well as the title says it's been a while since I actually posted anything on my blog which is very remiss of me. I say it's been a while it's been 4 months... so apologies to you lovely followers.
Every time I decided to sit down and write something assignments would need doing and I'd put blogging on the back burner again. Also I'd struggle to actually write anything decent, I'm kind of at that early stage of blogging where I'm testing the waters and trying to work out what fits. But I've gotten myself a diary and intend to use it to manage my time better so blogging can have space to actually happen.

So hopefully I can continually update my blog more often. I was at London Fashion Weekend earlier today and was watching the Social & Creative Careers talk with Abisola Omole, Shini Park of Park and Cube and Serena Guen of Suitcase Magazine. What was really prevalent in the talk was that if you're serious about blogging or intending to be it's all about consistency and constantly creating content. Also you don't necessarily need to have studied a subject e.g fashion to blog about it. After this I was feeling incredibly inspired by the talk which also kick-started me getting back into the blogging game.

I was thinking I could post as regular posts like monthly favourites which I used to do or a round up of my week although I mostly study during the week so not sure how that would pan out ha ha. Any suggestions would be mightily appreciated. :D


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