Sunday, 9 March 2014


So as I stated in my last update post I would be looking at developing and changing what type of things I would be posting on here. One of those is going to be having a different type of post entitled with what I'm discussing. This post and all the future ones that will cover similar content are going to be called "The Food Post."

I recently visited Côte Brasserie in Oxford for one of my flatmates' 22nd birthday. It's a little restaurant that serves French food. It's a quaint and intimate place but I was slightly disappointed as it didn't have a very French vibe but that was not something to worry about at all.

I ordered Half Chargrilled ‘Breton’ Chicken with Frites which was effectively just glorified chicken and chips but it was lovely and tasted delicious.

And while my friends had some wine I was the responsible one with my Coca Cola ha ha. :)

All in all it was a nice meal but the restaurant was just a tad pricey for some of the food but I was paying for the atmosphere and would still recommend it if you happen to find yourself in Oxford anytime soon.


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