Monday, 20 May 2013


Here's my track by track review of Thirty Seconds To Mars' 4th album Love Lust Faith + Dreams.
*disclaimer this is my own personal opinion, you may agree or disagree or you may be thinking what is she going on about but it is my opinion and mine alone*

1. Birth - Sets the tone for the rest of the album. Really bridges the gap between This Is War & Love Lust Faith + Dreams making a smooth transition to something new and different.

2. Conquistador - stadium rock at it's best, I love the melody and the prominence of the guitar, the lyrics are reminiscent of This Is War.

3. Up In The Air - a little dance number and raving beats from their first single off the album

4. City of Angels - lyrically this tells a clearly very personal perspective of Los Angeles, probably my favorite song from this album

5. The Race - Unfortunately my least favourite song from LLFD. It has all the elements of a great song and it may grow on me.

6. End of All Days - Dramatic, anthemic, shows Jared's vocal range, heavy focus on piano, strings synthesisers and drums. "All We Need is Faith" is repeated to an almost obscene level but is not to a detriment. A song to make you think of things beyond simply living perhaps.

7. Pyres of Varanasi - exotic vocals that sound like they're from the middle east

8. Bright Lights - Such an upbeat song. Strange it may seem but I feel like running through a meadow in the rain or something to this song.

9. Do Or Die - Another of my favourites from this album, I love the inclusion of the strings and choir it makes it sound more epic, this song definitely showcases Jared's vocal range. It's a very atmospheric song. There is such  positivity in this one.

10. Convergence - this song has no lyrics/vocals but is a rather peaceful interlude to the epicness (is that a word? haha) that surrounds it

11. Northern Lights - I had already heard an acoustic version of this via a VyRT live stream and I'm glad that they chose to put this on the album. A little bit of screaming in this for the fans of the old school MARS but this is definitely a break from previous albums. One of the best songs off this album.

12. Depuis Le Début - Starts off with acoustic guitar and the repetitive singing of the line "There will be blood" and then ends with strings, synthesisers and builds up into a orchestral crescendo, an epic way to end an amazing album.

Atmospheric, epic, stadium rock, a brighter incredibly personal outlook, an evolution. 

You can buy LLFD from amazon or the itunes store.


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