Friday, 20 June 2014


A tearjerker of a book makes for a tearjerker of a movie. 

I first became aware of the book through the author John Green's Youtube channel with his brother Hank; VlogBrothers. As someone who is slightly older than the target demographic I wasn't really aware of the hype and excitement surrounding it. Now I've seen the film have to say it's one of my favourite book to screen adaptations and I've seen a lot, Divergent being higher on the list of favourites which Shailene also starred in. :)

I've watched films that are similar to this in terms of story but not necessarily focussed on teens with terminal illness. But anyway let's get down to talking about the film. (I'm going to try and keep this mildly spoiler free)

Shailene & Ansel really embody the characters of Hazel & Augustus and I think really made the film even better. Nat Wolff also provided some comedic elements to his character and I laughed at many a scene of his especially the egging of his ex girlfriends moms' car. But what really struck me was the poignancy of several of the scenes including when Hazel & Augustus visited Anne Frank's House in Amsterdam. The film captured elements like feeling like everything is against you or that bad things are simply inevitable but there are positives too like love can happen between two people regardless of circumstances and you can fall in love when you least expect it. I'm rambling terribly in this review but the film got me thinking about a lot of things. Anyway to end yes I cried, definitely bring tissues if you go to see the film, I thoroughly enjoyed it so highly recommend it you guys.

If you've seen it what did you think?


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