Thursday, 12 June 2014


These are just a few of my favorite bloggers and vloggers and I felt like spreading the love ha ha.

So my first favourite is Suzie from Hello October who blogs and is also on youtube, her eyebrow game is strong and you can really rely on her honest reviews of products. I've been following her for about a year now and was actually introduced to her blog through Company Magazine as she was featured in one of the issues. She also has replied to a couple of my comments on youtube which is pretty awesome. :)

Lily Melrose is another favourite of mine. I absolutely love her style. She has two blogs and is on youtube too. We also share a love of A Song of Ice & Fire and her cat is adorable! She also replied to a few of my comments on youtube too, I may or may not have gotten a little too excited when I noticed them ha ha!

Jenn Im of Clothes Encounters is quite possibly one of my most favourite vloggers ever! I've been subscribed to her channel ever since back when it was her and Sarah running it. Her style is definitely one of the best and I take a lot of style inspiration from her as we're both really short! She also hung out with one of my favourite bands Young Guns when she was in London recently yes I am jealous ha ha.

 A Little Opulent is a more recent follow as they only very recently launched but they're quickly becoming an everyday read for me.

Claire Marshall is one of the coolest youtubers I've ever come across I've been subscribed to her channel for about 2 years now and her video editing is phenomenal. I get a lot of style inspiration from her as well so definitely worth a follow.

Amy from The Little Magpie is another of my favourites and she also has a youtube now definitely give her a follow for amazing style inspiration!

Chapter Friday is curated by Yara previously of This Chick's Got Style and her team of three; it is a great destination for career advice, lifestyle, fashion and everything else. I originally followed Yara on TCGS and now Chapter Friday; check out the regular Friday Quote post it's always a good 'un.

So there are a couple of my favourite bloggers and vloggers I'm pretty sure most people follow them but if you don't definitely do!



  1. Claire Marshall is a recent discovery for me and I LOVE her! She is so so cool and funny! I have been loving both Chapter Friday and ALO a lot this past month! They are definitely among my must-read-daily feeds!

    Carry Makeup in Style | TheConscienceFund | My Bloglovin'

    1. Ha ha they're all getting pretty popular these days. :) Thanks for reading my post. xo


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