Friday, 6 September 2013


I've noticed that I have gained a few followers in my absence and I thank you so much for that. It means a lot to me that you guys have followed. 

I'm pretty new to the blogging game and I've not being a very good little blogger as I haven't had a chance to post anything new for over a month. 

I've been very busy this last month as I have been preparing to go back to university. I graduated this summer with a Bachelors Degree in History but wanted to study a post-graduate course too. I had an interview and managed to snag the place I wanted to go to. So I am going to study a Masters Degree in Publishing. It's also a big move for me as I have to move to Oxford as that's where my course is being taught. 

In all this excitement my blog has been on the back-burner and I haven't had the time to update it. But I have promised myself as soon as I have settled in my new course I will start to update this blog more often. 

Ultimately the reason I wanted to start a blog here was because I like to write and I wanted an outlet for my interests which was something other than just my tumblr.

So finally after all my rambling... 
I apologise for the lack of posts but I'll get there in the end and a big thank you for following me.

I shall be posting another quote of the week after this post so do check that out if you would like to here.



  1. Congratulations on getting onto your post grad course! Those can be so competitive. Oxford is beautiful!
    I know what you mean about life and blogging not fitting sometimes though. Although I can't speak for all your readers, I'm sure no one holds it against you, I don't! Still love your blog :)
    Stay awesome! xo

    1. Thanks so much it's a big step for me I agree Oxford is an amazing city. Thank you so much for your support Talie really means a lot to me. Keep in touch.

      Vanessa. xx


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