Thursday, 18 December 2014


It's been almost 6 months since I last wrote a post on here and during that time so much has happened. In August I had a marketing internship in one of the biggest publishing houses in the UK Random House. I then finished my MA in Publishing at the end of September. It's been a busy last few months of 2014 and I was just so unmotivated to blog. Which has happened before and I promised it wouldn't happen again but alas it has. 

I really lost interest in reading blogs which in turn meant I lost interest in writing on mine. 
I don't have that many followers compared to other bloggers out there and that doesn't bother me so much. I think when someone decides they're going to blog they enter the blogging world with so many hopes and more often than not it doesn't live up to your expectations. I've learned that while you may not gain a huge following overnight it takes a lot of hard work and tenacity to blog on a regular basis. I take my hat off to those of you who manage to do so. 

But anyway I'm rambling. I wanted this blog to be a place that I love and can write about whatever I want on it but it started to feel like a chore. That's not what blogging should be like. So I went on hiatus and concentrated on other things. But slowly I am coming back to blogging. I've been mostly active on bloglovin liking posts etc even if I haven't actually been blogging myself.

So here I am not making promises and blogging with no expectations. :)


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