Sunday, 8 June 2014


Hello my lovely readers. So yes I fail massively at keeping up with blogging and apologies for that. As some of you may know this year I've been doing a Masters Degree in Publishing and at the same time I was promising to update the blog more often. It got to the point however where my studies were really hectic and taking up all my attention so blogging was put on the back burner for a while and by a while I mean 2 entire months!

My MA is winding down as I only have my end of year project to do so I do have more time to blog now hooray.

Saying that I'll still be pretty busy but I'm going to dedicate more time to blogging as I may not have been posting much over these last 2 months but I was liking and reading other blogs' posts on bloglovin and gaining inspiration along the way ha ha. So here's to more blogging from me.

I've also changed my blog theme as I just wasn't getting on with the old one and I really love it, I'm kind of into the minimalist look nowadays it just looks so much cleaner. :)

So anyway hope you are all doing well and enjoying the rare hot weather we're having in England although I must admit I'm more of an autumn/winter type of person. ;)


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